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Top 10 Rare Animals

10. Solenodon

Solendon is a little mammal that is native to Cuba and Spanish. This creature is very comparable tamed the fact that it has a long snout and tail with scales. Nevertheless, the Solenodon has a flexible snout, in contrast to the shrew. Yet another distinctive feature of this animal is the fact that it is extremely toxic. The Solenodon is the only mammal that can inject their prey with rattlesnake venom. So it’s better to stay back if you encounter this bug, and biting to the drop of a hat.

9. Kakapo

The Kakapo is the only flightless parrot in the world. While feathered cousins ​​travel by air, this species prefers to walk or climb from 1 location to yet another. This bird is discovered in New Zealand and is typically referred to as the parrot owl. This creature gets its nickname from the disk-shaped feathers around the eyes developing. The parrot also sets precedence for being the largest parrot breed weighing eight pounds.

8. Olm

Olm is an amphibian that is native to Europe, mainly in Italy. This creature has a lengthy white body with four tiny legs. At first glance it looks really significantly like a tiny snake. This lizard spends its life in underground caves. The creature has been developed under the eye and totally blind. Whilst Olm can not see that does not mean it is completely helpless. The Olm compensates for the lack of view with extraordinary hearing and sense of smell.

7. Bumblebee bat

The bumblebee bat

can be discovered in limestone caves in Thailand and Burma Southeast. This species of bat is quite little. An adult bumblebee bat Measuring just one inch from head to tail. This breed of bat is yet another distinctive feature, which is the pig’s snout as.

6. Ichthyophis Kohtaoensis

Kohtaoensis Ichthyophis is a rare amphibian that is native to Cambodia, Loas and Thailand. This creature has a long body with a snake with a pointed tail. This reptile has a dark gray body with yellow belly. The only feature that makes this special reptile is the fact that you have two muscles that control jaw.

5. Frilled shark

The frilled shark is a rarity in the animal world. Until the nineteenth century researchers believe that animals have turn into extinct with the dinosaurs. Nevertheless, this was found to be false accounts of fishermen and the discovery of the remains of this creature.

This shark is much like an eel that has been elongated body. The Frilled Shark has a triangular shaped head with a long gray body. This shark does not have big dorsal fins is different than most.

4. Monito del Monte

Monito del Monte is the Spanish term for “monkey.” But this name is misleading. The Monito del Monte is in fact a marsupial that lives in Chile and Argentina. This mammal species thought to have been extinct for a lot more than eleven million years. Even so, today’s explorers discovered the creature in the contemporary age.

Wed little marsupial has the body of a mouse with dark skin and large ears, pointed and a lengthy tail. The distinctive feature of this animal is its large eyes that live in tropical forest trees. The long tail assists the animals ranging from branches to travel.

3. Addax

Addax is also known as the antelope horn screw. This species of antelope discovered in really few locations in the Sahara desert. Even though they resemble several other species of antelope, following closer inspection are actually rather different. This species has square teeth like a cow. In addition, the horns in this species are quite long and curved, so the nickname antelope horn screw.

2. Dugong

dugong is a huge marine animal that closely resembles the manatee. Although these creatures are of the exact same family called Sirenia, manatees are differentiated. The dugong can be discovered in the waters north of Australia and the region of the Indian and Pacific. The mammal has a long body and gray, with a shovel, as the fins to the head. The distinctive features is that this species has its tail fluke. The tail of this animal looks like a dolphin tail. In addition, this creature has a mouth that has an indicator to the side and is in a position turned down, making it effortless to graze on plant life on the seabed.

1. Saola

saola is by far the rarest mammal on Earth. These creatures are native to Vietnam and Laos. This animal grows to a height of 3 feet. It looks significantly like the goat in height, and some of its characteristics. The mammal has a little lengthy tail and pointed ears. Nevertheless, this animal is diifferent in the reality that it has a really diverse pattern of white spots and stripes on the face.

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