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Top 10 most expensive watches in the World

Watches are the smartest and possibly the most sought soon after accessories for a man. Wristwatches adds value to the scenario of the person and is undoubtedly a style boost. There are a number of watchmakers in the world. Clocks can have a very high price in terms of the substance which is composed of. Even so, a clock is definitely a ought to use equipment for enterprise executives, and is normally the hunt for high-priced watches. There are a number of brands of watches in the entire world market. Watches can of different styles and costs. limited edition watches are far more expensive sets of clocks and really costly. Here is a list of the ten most pricey watches in the world –

1. 201-carat Chopard: $ 25 million

This is the most high-priced watch in the world. The 201-carat Chopard is incredibly the most pricey watch in the world with a production price of a whooping $ 25 million. This watch is made of diamonds and has a total of 201 carats of diamonds, which incidentally became the name of the clock. There are three diamond heart-shaped big center who are on a 15-carat pink diamond, 12 carat blue diamond and 11 carats of white diamonds. Besides all this, has 163 carats of other small white and yellow diamonds that surround the center of three parts.

2. Patek Philippe Supercomplication: $ 11 million

Patek Philippe is a 18-carat gold pocket watch created in 1932. It took a long time to create this ancient clock that developed the records in the collection of pocket watches. $ 11 million, generating it 1 of the world’s most expensive watches. This watch was finally auctioned in 1999.

3. Patek Philippe World Time Platinum: $ 4 million

Platinum Patek Philippe World Time watch is a limited edition which became very common in 2002, when it was sold at auction for a whooping $ 4 million. The specialty of this watch is really unique that shows the time zone 24 hours in various countries and is very straightforward to read. The most distinctive feature of this watch is that it can distinguish the elements day and night in all these 24 countries and is an implementation of super technologies.

4. Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile: $ 1.five million

Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile is one of the most complicated watch ever produced by man in this world. It has a total of 834 pieces was mounted to boost the functioning of some 10,000 hours of production time. The figures seem to be incredible, but we ought to see the watch to believe. The exclusive feature of this $ 1.five million clock that shows time on both sides. The clock is so complex that is developed to use both sides and is totally browned. This watch was created only 7 units worldwide.

5. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon: $ 1.three million

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon is a watch for $ 1.3 million more complicated clock in the series by Patek Philippe. It consists of 688 pieces, including some super modest and microscopic parts. The tourbillion moon from the sky is a clock created from a quite complex, with a platinum casing. It is produced only two units each and every year.

6. The Chopard Super Ice Cube: $ 1100000

The name of the guard came from the shape of the watch that is comparable to an ice cube. The Chopard Super Ice Cube is produced of 66 carat stones that are carved in the shape of an ice cube. By the look of the guard who does not like, but believe that u have to see it and the 66-carat gem is the soul reason for whooping cost of the clock.

7. Hublot Bang Black Caviar: $ 1,000,000

Caviar Black Bang Hublot watch is yet another complex ever built. It is made with an effort of 2000 hours of labor. The watch case is produced with 18 carat white gold is combined with 322 grains of black pearls. The only location of ​​the guard is the belt buckle is a beautiful piece of art and craft. The watch costs $ 1 million and is a beauty of a watch. The black color guard gemstone embedded in a item makes it unique.

8. The Corum Classical Billionaire Tourbillion: $ 998,000

Corum classical billionaire is an ultra limited edition watch is made with 850 diamonds. It’s a clock manually by hand with a case diameter of 46 mm. The watch comes in numerous versions and has four variants. The clock is really a limited edition watch and only 10 pieces of this beautiful watch is made in a year.

9. Louis Moinet Magistralis: $ 860,000

Magistralis Louis Moinet is the only watch that made the 2000 meteorite old moon. The special and extremely rare meteorite is what makes the clock a luxury watch in the world. The watch price $ 860,000, which is extremely high. The watch case is 18 carat gold is a special and really elegant watch by all means. The shortage of materials utilised in the manufacture of this unique clock makes it tough to create on numerous occasions. This is one more key reason for this watch is 1 of the world’s most expensive watches.

10. Blancpain 1735, Grande Complication: $ 800,000

Blancpain 1735, is yet another complication Grande complicated clock and the complicated manufacturing process makes the watch of an high-priced product. The casing of this watch is amazing as is platinum in the alligator belt. The watch is entirely created of 740 pieces of handmade parts and components. This is what caused a $ 800,000 watch. The Blancpain 1735, Grande complication is in reality 1 of the most complex watches in the world.

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