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How to make a provence design of the interior?

Provence or French country style in other words is a style that combines comfort, coziness with antique and luxury. It creates a pleasant atmosphere, so many people can call this style cute. 

Living room abstract paintings fit wonderful into a provence style. These exquisite lines, usually without full image make us look at them. It is so cool to see something different in it every day. Such paintings reflect our mental state. 

Soothing colors are the main element in the provence design. Provence style looks modern and antique at the same time. It differs from other styles by softness and lightness. This style reminds medieval England or France. 

What are the interior features in provence style?

The first characteristic is the antique furniture. Usually, such furniture is wooden and in white or creamy color. These are vintage wooden chairs, tables, chest of drawers, and other furniture. A mirror in an interesting gold frame can be an attribute of such style. Flowers in a vase will look great, especially if it roses or herbarium. You should choose the vase in a vintage style. An interesting element of design may be porcelain statuette. You also can choose curtains with ruffles, because provence design is characterized by elegance. Using soothing and lights colors will be a great idea. White, creamy, blue, and light green colors are the most popular. You should not use bright or dark colors. Plaster is one of the ideas in a provence style. To make plaster in this style you should apply it unevenly. Wallpapers are not using in a French country style. If you want to glue the wallpapers you should choose them in a floral pattern. Doors and windows are wooden and in white color. Furniture should be hand-distressing and in light colors. Your room should be spacious and sunny, so you also can put panoramic windows. If you decide to take a provence design you should forget about long dark curtains. You may use air curtains to allow daylight. Usually, the floor in provence style is made of stone. It also may be mosaic parquet. The ideal material for the floor is terracotta tiles. One way to create an old atmosphere is to buy a trunk. It will give a feeling of antique.
It was all tips to create a Provence style. If you want to feel a real coziness choose provence! 

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