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How to immigrate to the USA?

The USA is the country of freedom and different people. At least once you thought about immigration to a big country like America. This country is the most visited all over the world. There are many ways to get all rights like the American people. Today we tell you about the safest methods which will be liked by you exactly.

The first way to move to this famous country is a political asylum USA. It is the easiest method, but it becomes less prevalent in the last time. In the case of refugee status, you are guaranteed safety in the United States, but only if you document your problem. It may be harassment for being LGBT, racial discrimination, national origin discrimination, and persecution because of religion. We already told you about immigration to the USA in this way. You should know all the nuances to get refugee status because the number of immigrants decreased to 40000 people every year. In the last time, the US parliament thinks that 90% of people are cheating the country. So they carefully check your application.

How to immigrate with a marriage?

Other methods also allow you to get American citizenship. Among them :

1. Marriage to a US citizen. It is also a great way. Every year many people marry Americans. They meet each other on the Internet, for example, dating websites or services of the mail order brides. In this way, you need to get the visa K-1. Firstly, you need to prove your emotional relationship is real, so you need to fill out Form I-130. Then Form I-130A that has additional information about the immigrant. Then I-486 to get the Green Card. The following Forms are about your health state and job request. A few months after submitting the case, the marrieds are invited to give an interview for an immigration officer who is trying to establish the “honesty” of marriage. He looks at your photos, asks questions about each other, and your first meet. There are two types of marriage with a citizen: love and convenience. The wedding for benefits is a criminal case. The immigrant may be driven home, and the American goes to jail. Love marriage is very rare, and usually, an acquaintance takes place on the Internet.

These were the most popular ways to get a Green Card and American citizenship. We will tell you more methods in the next articles. Happy choice!

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