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How to choose a hosting for a website: 3 types of servers

Hosting is a place where all website files are hosted. People are constantly looking for a replacement for something old, like a new kind of server. New types of hosting are gradually replacing old ones to find the best option. The future of your project depends on the choice of hosting, therefore, it is very important to choose it correctly. Each type of server has its advantages and disadvantages. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the 3 most popular options.

What types of hosting are there?

The choice of hosting should be based on its loyalty, technical capabilities and requirements of your project. Therefore, before choosing a hosting for a site, you need to study their types in detail.

Virtual hosting is the most popular today. It is cheap and convenient. A virtual hosting assumes placing a large number of websites on a single server with the definition of a separate place for each project. However, such an option suit for small projects. It is ideal for sites that are visited by no more than 1500 people every day. If you are hoping to expand your business you should look at the other option below.

Collocation or physical server is the biggest type of hosting. If your project is still developing and it is very small, we don’t advise you to buy a physical server right now because it is expensive and there are many unnecessary functions that you will not need. Such physical servers suit an average or large business. This is the most expensive and most reliable hosting provider option. If you plan to host several sites at once on one server, choosing a physical server will be much more economical than a virtual server.

VDS or VPS servers are suitable for large online stores and sites with the traffic of up to 15,000 people every day. The rental price is $ 20-50 per month. Latvia VPS offers a large amount of virtual space and can save a huge number of files. This is one of the most convenient options because you can order a server anytime and you will not have to wait!
Choose a hosting based on the needs of your business. Today, VPS servers are becoming more and more popular, so you should pay attention to it. Learn more about hosting with!

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