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When we build a website for clients, we add a lot of security features to help protect from hacks, exploits .. and generally anything bad.

During our training session(s), which are included with any site we build, we emphasize your important role in securing your website from keep your WordPress website up to date!

Wordfence, one of the great plugins we include with each website we build, recently released the results of its 2015 WordPress Security Survey. 58 percent of the respondents indicated their website was used for business, and 35% said it was used for business with e-commerce, which covers all of our clients, too. Of the total respondents, almost 39 percent said their website had been compromised within the past year!

Let’s take a look at the top five steps taken by those that took the survey:

So, unless you are on an AfterCare plan with KPI Designs, you’re responsible for four of the top five best security steps you can take to protect your website investment!

How to update your website

WordPress makes it very simple to keep your website up to date.

When you login to your website, you may notice a notification badge next to Updates. That means it’s time to get rid of it!

If you see this, it’s time to keep your website up to date.

From there, WordPress simply lists any Plugins, Themes, or even core updates that need to be addressed. They all work the same way, so here’s an example using a Plugin update (which you’ll experience the most).

Just select which Plugins you’d like to update (hint: All of them!), and then click the “Update Plugins” button. That’s it!

WordPress makes keeping your website up to date as easy as clicking a few times.

Passwords are just as important

We’ve only had one major hacking with a client’s website, and this was the culprit. If you want a laugh, check out this article on the top 25 passwords used in 2015. I’m sorry if yours is on the list, but if it is: CHANGE IT. If you’d like to see’s own tips for passwords (I love passphrases myself!), click here.

Don’t be like the Cardinals, please.AfterCare: Let us take care of your siteWe offer great, affordable AfterCare packages to any new or existing client. We’ll take care of everything from basic updates like discussed in this post, to your yearly renewals. We even have packages where we will even create content (blogs, etc.) for you site. Interested?

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